FAROLLA is an authorized distributor of LUXIONA / TROLL.

LUXIONA / TROLL is a Spanish concern with over 22,000 products specializing in architectural, office, industrial lighting, for public buildings, hospitals, Clean Class, clean production, exhibition rooms, shops, sports facilities, exterior, evacuation and emergency lighting, UVC-bactericidal lighting, etc.

The products are of extremely high quality, are produced mainly in the Luxiona factory in Poland, leading LED technologies are used, they are ISO-9001, 14001, 13485 certified.

LEDs and components that are used are with very high performance. We can offer assistance in the design of lighting and production of non-standard solutions.


Sustainability and energy efficiency

We offer environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

Specially developed concepts

We develop lighting ideas for our clients by creating unique projects.

Visual comfort

We have a look to the future and a foot to the present.