FAROLLA Projects has offered modern, highly effective lighting solutions to its clients since 2010.

Our desire is to provide the required comfort through a sense of style and light. Our goal is to be useful to our clients with sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions. By offering functional, modern, high quality products at reasonable prices, we aspire to meet everyone’s needs for light and air.

Due to the incredibly high quality, competitive prices, short delivery times, right attitude and professionalism, FAROLLA Projects LTD can be proud of its excellent development – since 2010, we have successfully completed over 1000 projects, we have more than 700 clients with the best companies, designers, architects and distributors choosing FAROLLA Projects LTD.

Completed projects

FAROLLA’S Projects team is always at your service and seeks to be as helpful as possible by providing professional advice and information and offering wholesome solutions to its clients. Your needs will be attended to with precision and we will strive to realise your ideas and desires, to help make your home, office, hotel or garden be more lighter, effective and comfortable.

FAROLLA Projects offers a very wide product selection, which covers all the lighting streams – interior, decorative, technical, industrial and exterior lighting. We are the absolute leader in Bulgaria in respect of the assortment and quality of interior fans, with currently more than 100 models being offered. All the products we offer are certified by EC, ENEC and other standards and meet all requirements of the European Union.

In May 2010 FAROLLA Projects LTD signed a contract to be the exclusive Bulgarian representative of the Spanish lighting and fan brand FARO Barcelona. In 2013, Farolla expanded its product selection by becoming the formal distributor of the Italian brand TEC-MAR and in 2016 commenced its collaboration with the Spanish company TROLL – LUXIONA by becoming its authorised distributor. Other brands which FAROLLA Projects offers in Bulgaria are Electron, Fabas Luce, Ferroluce, Graypants, Panzeri, Cordon, Intra Lighting and others.

  • INTERIOR LIGHTING – interior solutions with unique appearance, which are suitable for homes, hotels, public buildings, offices and others. A big part of our catalogue is featured in series with unique design due to FARO’s collaboration with leading Spanish and European designers and other renowned European producers. Our interior models include – pendulum lights, electric wall-fitting, Chinese lanterns, overhead lights and bathroom lights. All products feature highly-effective LED or can be combined with LED features.
  • EXTERIOR LIGHTING – facade lighting, alley lighting, low and high park lighting, with a high degree of moisture and dust protection from IP44 to IP68. They are made from the best quality materials, which can meet the most extreme weather conditions. They combine energy efficiency through LED technology, and unique design through collaboration with the best Spanish and European designers.
  • FANS – ceiling fans – models, including and excluding lighting, which feature modern technology, economy, various designs and easy fitting. A big part of the models we offer have remote controls, reverse function (summer and winter regimes), various sizes according to the space and some models have IP44 (moisture proof).
  • TECHNICAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING – professional selection of LED lighting, представена от луни за вграждане , for direct installation, прожектори за тоководеща шина, офисни тела, with a wide variety of light indicators – various power settings, colour temperature, angles of light and colour preferences – suitable for offices and administrative buildings, exposition spaces, malls, public spaces, modern residential buildings and others. They feature the best quality LED components and electronics.
  • LIGHT SOURCES – high quality LED light sources with various standards with class A++ and wide parameters of efficiency and lifespan.